EPISODE #8 – Arturo Polo Ena & Elisa Fernández Esparza

Our Episode #8 –  From Bush-flying training in Spain to the Alaskan Wrangells with Arturo Polo Ena and Elisa Fernández Esparza


Arturo Polo Ena and his wife Elisa Fernández Esparza have backcountry aviation in their blood and you know how Spanish blood is! 

Arturo started to fly hang gliders at age 16 and very soon discovered the unlimited possibilities offered by UL/LSA in Europe. Rapidly becoming an instructor at Torremoncha de Jiloca aerodrome in Aragon – Spain, he explored most of Europe and developed a dedication to mountain flying, especially in the French Alps as well as in the Massif Central and also in the Pyrénées both in Spain and France. A PPL (EU & US)  and CPL (US) owner with taildragger and ski rating, he loves to fly his Piper Super Cub “The Green Machine” on AKBW 35’s during summer in Alaska and works as an UL/LSA-3axes instructor in Spain at his school “Amilpies”, focusing on taildraggers, mountain and bush flying. He is also a Zlin Aviation dealer for Spain.
Arturo is an extremely talented photographer, having published in many international aviation magazines. He shares his love for aerial photography and more on his website https://chasingalaska.smugmug.com/ and Instagram https://www.instagram.com/arturopoloena/?hl=de

Elisa Fernández Esparza is a lawyer and attorney in Spain. Coming from Teruel – Aragon, she met Arturo while hang gliding and they both share the same love for backcountry aviation. A UL/LSA pilot since 2002 then an instructor in 2004, she also owns a PPL (EU & USA) with taildragger and float rating. She teaches during the winter time in Spain at her local Aerodromo municipal S/N Torremocha del Jiloca and works as well as a Lawyer and attorney, specialised in international law and aeronautical advice for several companies. During the summer season, she lives in Alaska enjoying the bush flying and wilderness of the Wrangell St Elias National Park.
Elisa is also a strong advocate to aviation safety enhancement and support initiatives that benefit pilots and make grow the aviation community. She writes articles for major aviation magazines together with Arturo’s pictures.

In this episode, Arturo and Elisa share their story about how they fell in love with backcountry aviation and especially after discovering the Zlin Savage UL/LSA more than 15 years ago, leading them to create the first and only bush flying flight-school in Europe. They also explain us their deep fascination for Alaska, having pushed them to spend every spring and summer in the Wrangells for the past eleven years. 

If you want to learn to fly taildraggers with Arturo or Elisa and even better, attend the best and only bush flying training in Europe, go to: https://www.amilpies.com/en/

This episode´s book tip is: Wager with the Wind: The Don Sheldon Story, by James M. Greiner, 1974 https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/119375.Wager_with_the_Wind


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Music credits: “Slowly”, Amon Tobin – Supermodified, 2000

Cover photography: Arturo Polo Ena

Arturo ski flying his Zlin Savage Cub S in his Spanish home region
A good old one from Zane Jacobson about flying in the Wrangells where Arturo and Elisa spend their spring and summer for more than 10 years.