The STOL Collective Podcast

The STOL Collective is a European podcast about backcountry flying, mountain flying and Short take-off and landing (STOL). But most of all, it is a journey through Europe meeting awesome people sharing the same passion. Pilots (pros or amateurs), builders, photographers, videographers, athletes, artists and many more. We are a community who enjoy the sentiment of bush flying, whose goal is to escape the world of paved runways in search of remote airstrips or unknown spots surfaced with grass, dirt, gravel, or no improvement at all. Europe is fascinating. So small compared to big countries and yet sometimes, it seems quite big, different and impressive with so many nations and rules, especially talking about flying our Ultra-Light aircrafts.


Behind The Mic

Maxime Compagnon

Show Host

Maxime Compagnon is the founder/ editor/ host of The STOL Collective and currently flies a modified Zlin Savage Cruiser named “Vieux Bandit!” around the German/Austrian/Italian and French Alps. First a glider pilot licensed at the age of 16 then moved on to European Ultra Lights (Light Sport Aircraft), he has been flying for the past 23 years and more intensively exploring European bush flying for the past 6 years. He enjoys producing photographic content and short films about anything to do with backcountry, mountain and bush flying, and is dedicated to meet people sharing the same passion.

Maxime works for a major motorbike company. He and his family reside in the south of Munich, Germany.